We Lead To Pursuing Perfection.

Bright-Win Computer Technology is established in 1996 specialise in Computer Software development. We started off with the Pawnbroker Management Software (Pawnshop Software, Pawn broking Software) for the PawnShop or Pawnbroker.

We own our research and development team to design from the earlier stage to final implementation. Besides the research and development we also have our own Sales & Technical Support to provide after sales service to our customers.

Our vision is to design and develop reliable and high quality product in the national markets. Our country, Malaysia aspires to become a fully developed country by the year 2020. Retail sector or any other sector is expected to spearhead the drive to fulfill this vision. We want to able to fill up the Vision by providing a homegrown software infrastructure.

The more experienced users know, but the first timers usually do not see the requirements of customization. Application software of this scale surely involves thousand of issues. It is quite unlikely for any package to even provide more than 85% fit for a most organization.

Bear in mind, our packages are man-made, not god created. So, our philosophy is that every installation is an unique site which requires a specially tailored implementation plan and we were prepared to provide 15-20% customization. We can do this, without much fuss because :-

We are very cost effective, we know our own software package at every stage. Hence, we would not be beating around the bush and as a result, clock up unnecessary labour cost.

Again, our company growing very fast within the year 1997 and yet we involved in the computer hardware market. Every system are tested before delivered to our customer whereby to reduce our support cost again.

Beginning of year 1998, Bright-Win Technology (M) Sdn Bhd was established to make more competitive in the software market, since more and more corporate users seek for good service and stable company, hence our goal meet their requirement. Another software Goldsmith/Jewel Management System is implemented to upgrade our Jewel Shop from old manually system to a new computerised system. That is to make every sector in our Malaysia to fulfill the vision of towards advance country.

be the best value
be the best solution
provide good suggestion to our customer
make our life be relaxed by utilize good technology
strive for best profit for our customers in the short term
we will help our customer become most competitve in the future